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New blood: SANDY


   Just back from Guatemala where he's spent three years tending bar at a yoga retreat on Lake Atitlan, part-time shaman and aspiring detective Natty Dredd Bumpo is plunged head-first into solving the murder of eco-warrior Timothy Bottom.
  But Bottom is the wealthy heir of the Better Baby Bottom baby powder fortune who stole Dredd's great love Sandy away from him. Adding to the mayhem: a crystal skull, a grumpy gator and a roving militia, all of which could get Dredd killed, or worse.
  Sometimes the cosmic pancake falls sweet-side-up and sometimes it's syrup-side-down. Which way will it flip for northern Michigan's grungiest detective? CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO ORDER

Planet Backpacker:

Have you ever dreamed of circling the earth? Take a ride across Europe on a mountain bike and backpack on through Egypt, India and Southeast Asia in this account of a solo trip around the world.

I Promised You Adventure
"Someday we'll see the world together" is the dream of countless couples. But what if you actually took the dare? An account of seven months backpacking around the world with tips on how to plan your own getaway. 

Biking Northern Michigan - 3rd color edition:

 includes 40 cycle routes and 1,400 miles of the Great Lakes state, packed with humor, history and info on dining and must-see sights.

Windigo Moon

This novel of the Ojibwe takes you 400 years into the past as two rivals battle for a woman's love during a time of myth, warfare and devastating plagues. With extensive historical research into Native America.

Bicycle Hobo -

A lone cyclist hunts a killer on the highways of America with echoes of Moby Dick, Don Quixote and Wolf Creek in this thriller about the world of cycle touring.

Sandy Bottom

New Age shaman and aspiring detective Natty Dredd Bumpo hunts the killer of the man who stole his one great love, Sandy Bottom.